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People who say Padme is a weak character
1. Shut down ur computer
2.Pack ur bags
3.Go to hell

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Queens of the Galaxy

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Are you allowed to love? I thought that was forbidden of a Jedi.

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force ghost parenting 

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The Characters of Episode IV

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Galaxy Girls (insp by x)

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This came out of my ruminations from re-watching Revenge of the Sith the other day. This has got to be one of my all time favorite illustrations and it was created by the artist, Kirk Reinert. This piece was featured in the Star Wars Visions book title as “Vader’s Dream”. The description goes “A dream Darth Vader has of his deceased wife and the dark side of the Force struggling over him”

I always wondered why the depiction of Anakin and is wife were slightly different (not that I don’t love it) until my sister pointed out something interesting. The artist was probably just using models or his memory for reference but their appearance suits the painting. It could just be that Vader is loosing his memory of what they looked like but still holds on strongly to the memory of their love.  

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THE ULTIMATE SHIPPER MEME [1/2] “old married couple” ships
Leia & Han (Star Wars)


Beautiful book cover art by Steve Anderson

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