Jedi women by sketchtastrophe




Dear Dudebros,

one of your heroes, Han Solo, realized he was going to be friendzoned by the girl he likes and ACCEPTED it and chose not to call her a bitch, even promising to not get in their way as a couple.

Sincerely, Be Like Han


I think it’s the first time I see gifsets of this scene with comments that focus on how Han Solo respects Leia’s feelings instead of incest jokes. Kudos to you, tumblr user jamesfactscalvin :)

I did not get to be Queen by being intimidated. A Queen must never question her strength aloud. She must assume strength, even when she feels uncertain. Even though I listen to advice, I listen to my instincts most of all.

female asassins and bounty hunters in the Star Wars movies


ROTJ by Cliff Chiang


Star Wars Challenge: [1/3] Female Characters

Padme Amidala


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

That was a real, real dream come true… It’s so burnt into our minds. It’s burnt into my mind. I was shown those movies when I was a tiny little girl and then, to be a part of that thing that you held in such high regard, that’s been your escapism and your love and your entertainment and it’s been not just yours but everyone around you, I’m incredibly lucky. And it’s a lot of fun.